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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Music But Were Afraid to Ask jk

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Music But Were Afraid to Ask - Add2Basket

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Download: Magaupload MP3 ←ダウンロードは右クリックからお願いします。

Genre: House, Progressive House, Disco House
Time: 2:25:18
Size: 200MB
It continues to be an exercise in patience introducing people to new music in the Toronto area. Damn, we’ve been giving tickets away and still we find it hard to get people to try out new sounds from fresh names. We’re always just one Top 100 booking away from losing any kind of clubber to a commercial club.

But I’ve always said, ‘If you make the music, they will come.” And that works both ways; producing tracks is the only way you’ll attract industry attention and consistent promo sets are a sure fire way to fill a dance floor. Add2Basket is one dude in our circle that has figured this out.

It was like a promoters dream to have so much ammo when advertising Andrew’s gig in May. Videos, videos with original productions and remixes, and a truck load of promo mixes, this guy is just one break away from taking over the funky progressive house genre; a scene ripe for the picking with so many of its originators following the tech trends of today.

It’s unfortunately coming to the point in our party promotion here in Toronto that we have to stick our core to be sure that we can rock the dance floor. It feels kind of hypocritical to write such a thing, but we’re not getting any younger and not so great parties sting more now than they ever did.

Thankfully with that spectacular I&U performance, our core became one performer larger, now including the sensational Add2Basket. He treated the btb crew to a night of absolute bliss; an event many said was our all time best. And man he will not let us forget that amazing May night with even more incredible choons to satisfy or Add2Basket appetite.

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はてなブックマーク - DJ Mix…『Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Music But Were Afraid to Ask Vol.1 & Vol.2』 Add2Basket
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