House Freak Radio Mix…『Proton Radio - Sunday Session 2008.11.23』 Add2Basket & Paul Keeley
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Proton Radio - Sunday Sessions 2008.11.23 jk

Sunday Session 2008.11.23 (Host Mix) - Add2Basket
Download: Magaupload
Genre: House, Progressive House
Time: 1:00:15
Size: 82MB

Sunday Session 2008.11.23 (Guest Mix) - Paul Keeley
Download: Magaupload
Genre: House, Progressive House, Techno
Time: 1:02:02
Size: 56MB
Track List (Host Mix by Add2Basket)
01. Lullabies In The Dark - Iridium [Permanent Vacation]
02. Low Motiondisco - The Low Murderer Is Out At Night [Eskimo]
03. Roberto Rodriguez - Camera Obscura [Laka Germany]
04. Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Faze Action Remix) [Because Music]
05. ID
06. ID
07. Secret Cinema - Rita & Lynn [Ec]
08. Free Disco - Hippe Can Dance With Boogie [Electric Minds]
09. ID
10. ID
11. Back To Fundamentals - Les Celestins [Ssoh]

Track List (Guest Mix by Paul Keeley)
01. Paul Keeley - King Scrubby [Baroque]
02. Shawn Mitiska & Matt Cerf & Flux Capacitor - Delorean (Bart Van Wissen Remix) [Dissident]
03. Elite Force - Peyote Road (Hyperion Oz's 'the Sun Of Cactus's Mix) [U&a]
04. Eddie Williams - Gestation (Part2) [Armada Music]
05. Greg Gow - Industry (Mateo Murphy Remix) [Restructured]
06. Cid Inc. - Sister [Dyami]
07. Jimpster - Got A Hold On Your Soul [Freerange]
08. Paul Keeley - Run To You [Baroque]
09. Mango - Friday Coffee (Paul Keeley Remix) [Add2Basket]
10. Paul Keeley - Paper Jet [Anjunadeep]

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はてなブックマーク - Radio Mix…『Proton Radio - Sunday Session 2008.11.23』 Add2Basket & Paul Keeley
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