House Freak Radio Mix…『Proton Radio - Wavesurfing 2008.09.23』 Latenta Project & FunkMedia
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Proton Radio - Wavesurfing with Latenta Project Banner 2

Wavesurfing 2008.09.23 (Host Mix) - Latenta Project
Genre: House, Deep Funk, Porn Groove
Time: 1:11:09
Size: 65MB

Wavesurfing 2008.09.23 (Guest Mix) - FunkMedia
Genre: House, Progressive House, Electronica, Funk
Time: 1:00:37
Size: 55MB
Track List (Host Mix by Latenta Project)
01. Ltj Experience - I Love You [Irma]
02. Diskjokke - Glatt [Full Pupp]
03. Martini Bros. - She's Heavy Metal (Prins Thomas Remix) [Poker Flat]
04. Chateau Flight - Les Antipodes (Joakim Remix) [Versatile]
05. Enzo Ponzio - Electroboogie [Pizzico]
06. Lil'wolf - Deliver Me (Diskjokke & Vinny Villbass Diskodub Mix) [Rebirth]
07. 40 Thieves - Huffbochente [Permanent Vacation]
08. Force Of Nature - To The Brain (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) [Mule Musiq]
09. Armand Van Helden - Je T'aime (Smd Remix) [Southern Fried]
10. Lindstrom - Grand Ideas [Feedelity]
11. Mental Overdrive - Diskodans (Prins Thomas Discomix) [Love 0d Communications]
12. Ana - Shift (Force Of Nature Instrumental Remix) [Mule Musiq]

Track List (Guest Mix by FunkMedia)
01. Highland Brothers Inc. - Point Seven (Original Mix) [Body Jack Schallplatten]
02. Lunar Sound - On Beat (Original Mix) [Undergroove Music]
03. The Timewriter - Back From Exile (Neil Quigley's Pacemaker Dub) [Plastic City]
04. Lemon Inc. - Like Fuew (Original Mix) [Discoteca Music]
05. Urban Breathe - Sky Way (Original Mix) [Circle Music]
06. Electroaspect - Color Of The Day [Unsigned]
07. Sebastian Davidson - Ice Worlds (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Outside The Box Music]
08. The Blacklight Society - 2028 (Edit) [Glideslope Music]
09. M.o.d.e. - After Dark (Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd Remix) [Mode]
10. 16 Bit Lolitas - Bob Likes Acid [Unsigned]
11. Christian Smith - Friendly Skies (Digital Exclusive Dub) [Bedrock]

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