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Defected In The House Eivissa 2008 jk
フォーマット: CD
組み枚数: 3CD
発売日: 2008年05月26日
レーベル: Defected
ジャンル: House, Ibiza House, Groove, Soul

今日『Defected』から来たメールを見てみると『In The House Eivissa 2008』が発売との事ww
とは言っても発売日は05月26日なので、日本での発売はもう少し後になるかも…。 HMVではもう予約出来るみたいです^^
内容は…[Disc1]の1曲目"Let It Go (Charles Webster Vocal Remix)/Afterlife feat. Cathy Battistessa"からかっこいいんですが…7曲目"Alibi (DF’s Out On Bail Mix)/Reel People feat. Darien",13曲目"All The Love For You (Rocco Spoken Mix)/Ralf Gum"もかなりよかったです!!
後、『Studio Apartment』や『Hideo Kobayashi』などの日本人アーティストも多くいい感じです^^
[Disc2],[Disc3]の中では、"Can't Stop (Jose Nunez Throwback Mix)/Kings of Tomorrow feat. Rae","Midnight Sun/DJ Fudge","Chime/The Shapeshifters","The Shipment (Copyright Fiesta Mix)/Colombian Drum Cartel"などがおすすめかな^^
↓Track List↓
01. Let It Go (Charles Webster Vocal Remix) - Afterlife feat. Cathy Battistessa
02. Stop Playing With My Mind (Original) - Roy Rox and Daniel Bovie
03. Spread My Wings (Jinkzilla Vocal Mix) - The Jinks feat. Mina Jackson
04. Equinox (The Original Concept) - Code 718
05. Siarre (Sergio Flores Remix) - Studio Apartment
06. Serenity - Studio Apartment feat Marc Evans
07. Alibi (DF's Out On Bail Mix) - Reel People
08. My Reflection (Accapella) - Osunlade
09. Giv Me Luv - ATFC feat Rae
10. Talking Walls - Julien Jabre
11. God Made Me Funky (HCCR Remix) - Mike Dunn presents The Md X-Spress
12. Mour Free - Copyright feat. Tasita D
13. Chikuma - Hideo Kobayashi
14. All The Love For You (Rocco Spoken Mix) - Ralf Gum
15. Let It Go (Chocolate Puma Dub) - Dirty South
16. Let Me Love You (DJ Gregory Main Mix) - Bunny Mac
17. Talk To Me - Third World

01. Can't Stop (Jose Nunez Throwback Mix) - Kings of Tomorrow feat. Rae
02. Warrior Dance - Copyright feat Shovel
03. Move Your Hips (Bonus Beats) - Havana Funk feat. El Conde & Zelma Davis
04. Sexy Dancer (Work-A-Pella) - DJ Spen
05. Munsens Groove - Agur Munsen
06. Route - Chocolate Puma
07. Breeze (Marlon D and George Mena's Tribal Drumz) - DJ Gregory
08. Its Yours (Acapella) - Jon Cutler
09. El Sur - Penn & Jebatto
10. Finally (Usual Suspects Remix) - Kings Of Tomorrow
11. Reach For You (John Ciafone Remix) - Mood II Swing
12. What You Doing To This Girl (Norman Jay Edit) - Los Jugerderos
13. Momma's Groove - Osunlade
14. Midnight Sun - DJ Fudge
15. We'll Keep Climbing (Joey Negro Club Mix) - Z Factor
16. Touch Me (Chocolate Puma Remix) - Bingo Players
17. Reach (Mark Knight Remix) - Lil' Mo Yin Yang
18. The Warning (Inner Mix) - Logic
19. War - Julien Jabre

[Disc3] Unmixed
01. Chime - The Shapeshifters
02. Jus' Dance (A Quentin Harris Re-Production) - Mr. V
03. The Shipment (Copyright Fiesta Mix) - Columbian Drum Cartel
04. Over You (Firin' Dub) - Warren Clarke
05. Save Our Souls (BT Re-Edit) - Bob Sinclar
06. Make Em Shake It (Kenny Dope Remix) - Wahoo
07. No Te Vaya - Kings Of Tomorrow
08. Hola - Junior Jack
09. Hypnose - DJ Gregory
10. Arabian Nightmare - DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Present: KW Griff


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